Consumer Producs Marketing

Our focus: Sales VELOCITY

Let us help you develop the next generation of consumer brands using simple, actionable, and profitable sales and shopper marketing strategies.

A Simple, Effective, Sales and Marketing Strategy

Build Real Relationships

Relationships matter. Our team has spent years building and maintaining relationships in the CPG industry both in the US and abroad. Let us share those relationships with you to help move your business forward, profitably.

Become a Better Partner

Invest in areas that matter most to your business and the success of your business with key partners. In a world where it is all about me, me, me, take the time to make it all about WE.

Velocity Focused

A solid understanding of when and how to scale is extremely important. Just because you are adding 500 doors does not mean it is a good fit for your sales goals. We won’t bite off more than you can chew, and we make sure to focus on velocity before we focus on growth.

Pricing Breakdown

When we sign a contract, we sign it with the expectation that we can grow your business for many years to come. We offer a combination of pay for performance and retainer model for brands just starting out. Being worth it, that's our Legacy.

Brands That Trust Us

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