About The Velocity Shop

Passionate About Legacy 

At The Velocity Shop we have set out to build a more sustainable growth model, one that can benefit all parties involved. Whether you are a client, distribution partner or a retailer of the brands we work with, our team will always make decisions with long-term relationships at the forefront of our minds.

Our Mission

We build consumer brands that are devoted to sales velocity, customer retention, and ultimately profitability.

Introducing Tate Glasgow

an accomplished retail marketer with a passion for accelerating brand growth and profitability.

Tate dedicates his expertise to crafting consumer brands focused on achieving sales velocity and sustained profitability. With a noteworthy background as the VP of Marketing and Marketing Team Lead at Killer Creamery, Tate has a proven track record of steering exponential growth, and expanding brands across thousands of retail locations. Tate's comprehensive skill set spans Marketing Strategy, Budget Management, Retail Marketing, Team Leadership, Merchandising, Growth Marketing, Experiential Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Bringing a holistic approach and a keen customer-centric focus, Tate is committed to driving impactful results in the ever-evolving landscape of retail marketing.

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